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“The Accidental Coach”

Clients often ask how I went from directing business-driven IT projects to guiding other leaders who want to lead more purposefully. I offer my abbreviated story with the hope that it encourages you in realizing your aspirations.

In early 2000, I found myself burning out in a job I loved. My team and I were implementing a global system for a well-known media company and we’d been “running the hundred-yard dash for miles.” My boss, my team, and my job were all phenomenal. The problem was that I didn’t yet understand that my business knowledge and management experience – and the sheer force of my considerable will – were not enough.  Though I’m proud of what my colleagues and I accomplished, I’d be even prouder if I could say I’d led with self awareness, self care, and intention. I did not. Those have taken time to cultivate.

A chance meeting in the summer of 2000 steered me to Georgetown University’s coach training program. I had no idea how life-changing this “accident” would turn out to be. In the coaching program, I not only learned how to coach but how to become an intentional leader. What I learned ultimately lowered my stress level, changed my management style, improved my team’s performance, and generated greater success with more peace of mind.

My "messy" career path allows me to connect with people in diverse fields and industries. Now I know that becoming the leader - and the person - I once couldn’t even imagine has been worth it all because I can support my clients in becoming the leaders they want to be as they deliver outstanding results for their organizations.