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Most of our clients are overwhelmed and working harder yet they are under-focused on the highest priorities. Their efforts are wasted as they play an endless game of catch-up while desperately trying to find sanity and to make the valuable contributions they know they are capable of.

Our business and coaching experience over the past 15 years has shown us that individuals and organizations have needed the same core set of skills and habits in order to be more effective and productive.

Building collective skill levels by doing real work, real-time, teaches groups how to solve problems together differently. That's how cultures can truly change in a way that improves individual and organizational results.

After working in the trenches with individuals and teams - and falling into the same cultural quicksand ourselves - we developed Cadence, a proprietary development solution. We designed 2-hour workshops that address the persistent concerns that our clients bring to us every day.

In addition to making the content useful and practical, we added 90-minute working sessions to follow the workshops at scheduled intervals. These working sessions give your people a forum to bring real scenarios to fellow participants and to develop solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how this pre-designed system can be launched quickly in your organization.



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