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Leadership Coaching

  • It's lonely at the top
    For many senior executives, the greatest gift we offer is the rare opportunity to assess and refine unpolished thoughts and to learn something new in a safe and confidential environment.
  • Thinking Partnership
    Leaders at all levels - and especially executives - often need someone who can hold their own with them in conversations ranging from strategy to office politics to uncertainty so that they can take effective action.
  • In Condition to Lead
    We believe that being in “condition to lead” is essential. It includes the self awareness, self care, and clear perspective and calm focus required to take intentional action. We concentrate on supporting leaders in developing these practical and sustainable habits so that they can achieve meaningful results.

How it Works
Our job is to help you take action to achieve your vision. To do that, we use insightful questions to elicit a picture, in as much detail as possible, of what you'd like to create. Then we gather data – from assessments, interviews, observation, or other sources – to have a solid understanding of how things are now. Together, we evaluate the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Through purposeful dialogue, active practice, and reflection, we build a path that leads to your desired outcome.

  • We offer you the dedicated time and structure to get clear on what you want, where you are, and what it takes to bridge any gaps between your current and desired states.
  • We work with you as you practice new thoughts, skills, and behaviors that generate your desired results. We encourage you in building capacity in your unique strengths in order to generate the highest benefit for yourself and for your organization.