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  • Delivering practical results
    Having the right expertise available when and where you need it makes the difference between a successful program and one that doesn't live up to its purpose.  We've helped clients assess and improve all types of programs.
  • Shifting an organization's culture
    Cultures are built one interaction at a time. Through our work, clients learn to consciously and consistently shift their cultures in their desired direction.

Having contributed to successful business outcomes as managers ourselves, our consultants can serve as your advisors or advocates in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning:  We facilitate powerful conversations with your executive teams using strategic and operational planning tools coupled with our coaching expertise.  We can guide you through visioning, structured analysis, goal setting and tracking, and the design and delivery of an effective company-wide communication strategy that helps turn those plans into real action. 
  • Culture Assessment: For those companies that want to increase the benefits of their planning process or other change efforts, we can lead you through an assessment of your current and desired leadership culture.  Aligning leadership development with business strategy and goals generates deeper investment in desired outcomes and catalyzes change from the individual, to the team, to the organization. This inside-out approach increases the likelihood that aspirations are realized and sustainable.
  • Leadership Development: We can work with you to design and implement your customized development program. We have the coaches, trainers, and frameworks available to get your program up and running in a short time. We have content modules that are the building blocks for training at various organizational levels.  Content includes but is not limited to:  Leadership Presence, Decision Making, Communication, Teamwork, and Delegation.
  • Succession Planning: We have developed a streamlined 4-Phase Model for Succession Planning at the most senior levels. Rather than diverting attention to developing complex competency models and assessment forms, we begin with a simple matrix and a set of well-validated competencies so that the focus remains on who the current and emerging leaders need to be and the skills they need to demonstrate collectively in order to carry the organization forward.
  • Project and Program Management: We are skilled at guiding program management offices (PMOs), especially for SAP or other technology efforts. We can help build your project and program managers’ capability by working alongside them in real-time.