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Client and Partner FeedbackSelected Engagements

Client & Partner Feedback

Here’s what our clients and partners have to say about their experience with us:

CEO Succession and Senior Team Development 

Anne was asked to assist in identifying a successor leader for our company, from in or outside the company and second, further develop the leadership talent and improve teamwork within the organization. A third benefit was having the opportunity to improve my leadership through ongoing conversation and dialogue.


Anne showed interest and treated my company as if it were her own. She met with and got to know people and their roles in the organization. We had numerous discussions helping me sort out the qualities & leadership attributes I was looking for. She stimulated thought and asked questions that may have otherwise been overlooked. She was a sounding board for ideas and differing opinion.


Anne brought in others to assist our team in leadership development and, still today, people speak about the benefits they have derived from those discussions.


I have a high regard for Anne; her expertise and knowledge and would recommend her for whatever endeavor she pursues.


      — P.K., Company Owner and President


Coaching Clients

Anne's efforts facilitated my understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses, and provided me with tools to build upon the former and minimize the latter. As a result I am today a much better, more confident leader/manager than I was prior to beginning our work together.

I found her contributions to be so valuable that I invited her to work with my leadership team – a group of grizzled, veteran Branch Chiefs with decades of Federal service under their belts. That group, which instinctively and vigorously rejects “touchy-feely” experiences like executive coaching, took to her almost immediately. Consequently we were able to position ourselves to initiate significant, fundamental changes to our operation that are already beginning to pay dividends.

— DH, Director



Ms. Teehan is an exceptional listener, who not only hears the spoken word, but is perceptive to the unspoken. And above all, her encouraging and guiding style of conversation helped me to better define my choices and enabled me to better make some important decisions with minimum conflict and anxiety.

In short, Ms. Teehan was the perfect coach — she didn’t play the game for me but rather she gave me a playbook and provided encouragement, which allowed me to win the game.


— PM, Senior Federal Executive



When it came time for me to initiate a coaching relationship, the choice was clear: I wanted to work with Anne. I wanted to work with Anne because of her own executive presence, her probing questions and her depth of experience and knowledge.

— DR, Manager


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Consulting Clients

Anne played a crucial role in coaching the PMO team and business owners in program and project management, project delivery methodology, and implementation best practices. She was a valuable asset in organizing and executing organizational change management plans and programs, and in elevating the quality of the program management structure, building and coaching a very large project team, and ensuring the quality of program administration and execution.

Anne delivered the highest quality of service to The Washington Post. She made huge contributions to the success of the PMO and to the positive perceptions of the business users to the end results of the program. She worked long and hard to ensure that the commitments that she made were met, going the “extra mile” to deliver.


— Barbara Lucas, CIO



Anne has a unique ability to combine program management methodology with real-life pragmatism that makes her so much more valuable for any organization that has embarked on a major initiative. Anne is very adept at translating her experiences and lessons learned from her work at various other clients, and in applying them successfully in the current business context.

Anne is one of the most collaborative consultants I have ever worked with. She can easily alternate between leading and managing teams and being a resource and team member and excels at both roles. Anne will be a strategic asset to any organization that she chooses to work for. Her collaborative way of operating, strong work ethic, systems-minded project leadership and supportive and friendly nature make her invaluable for any organization.


— Joydip Banerjee, Manager

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Over my twenty year career, I have been a Federal employee, a management consultant with several firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM, and a consulting and coaching business owner. I have been fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented individuals and I count Anne among those people.

When I think of Anne, what comes to mind is the epitome of integrity, open communication, and peace of mind that everything is taken care of. If Anne says she will do something, in her words, “I’m making a promise.” Her word is indeed her bond. Keeping the lines of communication open is second nature to Anne. She makes herself easily accessible, frequently communicates and updates people on what is happening and asks for regular feedback on how things are working. Anne blends her consulting, facilitation, teaching, coaching and program management backgrounds in a way that gives one peace of mind that everything is taken care of. She can juggle every ball in the air down to, “I promised to send you an article during our last conversation and here it is.”


— Rayna Schroeder, Owner, Joy of Life Coaching

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