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Choosing Power: A Salon Series for Women Entrepreneurs

You’re a successful business woman. You have wisdom, skills and experience. And… Occasionally you have a nagging sense that if you consciously directed your true capability – your power –- you would deliver even more of what matters.

Despite your many achievements, you sometimes undersell your skills or limit your aspirations; playing too safe for the game you're in.

You know there are real costs when your actions and your power are diminished by those habitual thoughts that can sink your energy and put the brakes on action.

In this progressive series of salons designed for women entrepreneurs, you will join a cohort of six women for candid conversations on the ways you already use your power, what challenges you, and what may need to change in order to consistently express your power.

Come join the conversation! If you’re looking to challenge yourself, this is the place for you. Prior participants have told us that we’ve created a unique structure that allowed them to have conversations they couldn’t have anywhere else.

Facilitators and executive coaches Roz Kay and Anne Teehan—entrepreneurs themselves—will lead the group through a series of explorations on choosing and giving voice to power in service to your passion and purpose. Roz and Anne create an environment that is compassionate, challenging and engaging. The goal: to increase access to your power through discovery and action.

Annapolis, Maryland.

Registration - 2017 dates coming soon!
Choosing Power: a Salon Series for Women Entrepreneurs $2975.00. Attending every salon provides the most benefit in terms of content and connection. The price includes all six sessions, continental breakfast, and materials.

To register: www.anneteehan.com/register.php. Questions: 301-656-2727 or anne@anneteehan.com.

Salon 1 – Community: Giving Voice To Connections
This inaugural session is the time to create connections that will grow throughout the salon series. For most, it is important to know who is in the group and what is of importance to them. The focus will be on creating the relationships that will help launch our salon conversations.

Salon 2 – Enough!: Giving Voice to Your Power
At some point, most of us have experienced the nagging sense that we may not be enough. In that time, we feel somewhat less than equal to our vision or to something or someone that matters to us. Generally speaking, women tend to downplay their contributions, and /or financial value. As business owners and executives we may also undervalue our impact. In this salon, we’ll share what’s really going on in our minds, hearts, and businesses and learn ways to give voice to our power more confidently.

Salon 3 – Money: Giving Voice to Your Value

We hear ourselves and other women leaders talk about passion and purpose, or money. How might this impact our power to use our talents and to ask for what we deserve? What if this view somehow makes us play smaller and safer than our vision requires? This salon will be an and conversation–money and purpose–where we unlock any limiting beliefs in our relationship with money and consider how money can fuel our purpose.

Salon 4 – Co-opetition: Giving Voice to Your Requests
We often need to reach out to others to engage new clients to fulfll our commitments. We share our ideas, tools, failures and triumphs to expand our collective wisdom and options. What happens when we find ourselves in marketplace competition with our colleagues and friends? How do we speak up and create mutual value while still holding true to our intentions? We use the term “co-opetition” to describe this very real dynamic of cooperation and competition. Together, we’ll talk about what we’ve learned from experience and give voice to our requests so that we can be selectively generous and business savvy.

Salon 5 – Energy: Giving Voice to Your Vision
The power of vision requires that we sustain our energy, focus, and balance. We know that we must attend to the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional domains so that we can be fully present and prepared to partner with our clients and colleagues effectively. When trying to realize our purpose or vision, we can experience distractions that move us away from what we want most. In this salon, we stand in the intersection of dream and fear and look at the ways fear distracts us from our vision or purpose and look to reframe fear into fuel for change.

Salon 6 – Visibility and Influence: Giving Voice to Your Presence
Where are we showing up fully or not? Where do we deliver the full measure of our capability? Where do we feel outmatched or in over our heads? And, where are we playing under our heads? Where are we being small? These questions prove central to the realization of our vision. In this salon, we dive in to shine a light on the half-truths we’ve used to limit ourselves; reframing our minds and thus our presence to enable us to step into what we’d like to create! We close this session with a reflection of the individual and shared learning from the series and a commitment to what’s next.

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